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St Marlo Racquet Club


Friday, December 14, 2018 
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Update on Tennis Court Project

St Marlo Tennis Players,

As many of  you know, St Marlo’s asphalt hard courts have far surpassed their normal life and the HOA Board budgeted for a complete rebuilding of these courts in 2017.  A Tennis Court Construction Committee was formed by the Board led by John Godwin and including Tinley Anderson, Sharron Barton, Bill Pinkney and our Director of Tennis, Scott Stubbs. This Committee has met with 3 certified court construction companies to gather detailed information about the scope of work in preparation of the awarding of the contract.

During this process it was learned that the time requirement for completion of the work is 8-10 weeks on average and it could be longer depending on the weather.   It was also learned that safety, noise and dust are major factors to be considered in planning the schedule for this work. In particular any work done in June or July would have a severe negative impact on our Swim Team and meets
and would pose a challenge with our children being out of school and curious about all the heavy equipment and activity.
Accordingly, the HOA Board Committee has decided to begin the project the 1st of August when swim team is over, the children are about to go back to school and there are enough hot weeks left to complete the work in a single phase.
It will not be possible to divide the work into 2 phases as the Tennis Committee had originally hoped.
Representatives from the HOA Committee then met with the Tennis Committee to review the information that had been obtained and to discuss the proposed timeline. The Tennis Committee is in complete agreement with the HOA Board on the project plans and the  revised schedule. This schedule limits the impact to one ALTA season and with this much advance notice, teams can secure outside courts for play as needed.

Of course this project is going to have a major impact on our fall season. The 2 clay courts will be usable during the whole project and we have set the priority for usage to be junior tennis, followed by lessons and clinics. The rationale for setting these priorities is to preserve our junior programs and pro staffing during this project.

We will be able to allow 2 Thursday Women's teams and 2 Sunday Women's teams to play out of St Marlo, using the 2 clay courts for home matches.   These teams will have to use their opponent's, or other courts, for any matches that have to be re-scheduled for any reason (early matches, rainouts etc.)  These teams will be determined by a lottery drawing.  All Captains of these teams let Scott know ASAP if you want your team to be included in this drawing to play your home matches on our clay courts!!!  All other teams will have to play home matches outside of the "Hood".

The Tennis Committee is exploring various venues for team play. Our nearby parks reserve their courts on a first come basis. We will send out more information prior to that time. In the meantime, we urge each captain to start discussing with their teams whether they want to utilize outside courts, participate in the drawing for clay courts, or simply skip the season.  Some teams may have outside players on them who could use their home courts for the fall season. The Tennis Committee is going to do everything possible to provide information and to assist you throughout this process.

Let’s all remember how wonderful it will be to have great, new courts as we experience some inconvenience in the next few months.

Lem Wiggins
St Marlo Tennis Committee

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